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UV solutions combining performance and safety

Ensure effective performance, safe use and compliance with your legal obligations

UV equipment for inspection, disinfection and curing processes

Our UV light equipment solutions include all that is needed to introduce safe and effective UV light processes into the workplace, including:

UV light equipment

A range of UV lights, lamps and LEDs for a range of processes and applications.

Spares & accessories

Spare and replacement parts, accessories and products to ensure safe and effective use.

UV light meters

Monitor the UV irradiance or dose levels required for your particular process.

UV safety products

UV blocking shielding and guarding, PPE and hazard warning signs.

UV risk assessment

On site measurement and risk assessment of your specific equipment and process.

UV safety training

UV risk management and hazard awareness training to ensure safe use and legal compliance.

Contact us to discuss your particular process requirements. Our friendly and responsive team will work with you to identify and recommend the most suitable UV light solution for your specific application

Browse our UV equipment solutions by application

UV-A inspection
UV curing and bonding
UV-C disinfection
Hand hygiene training

UV risk management training

One day course providing information to help persons responsible for risk assessment and safe use of UV light equipment in your workplace.

Provides peace of mind that you’ve got risk assessment and control covered, along with the confidence and acceptance of your process by the workforce.

Contact us to discuss your requirements