Kill Coronavirus in air and on surfaces

We manufacture a range of UV disinfection lamps that provide fast and effective way to reduce viral infectivity of SARS-CoV-2.

Mobile room disinfection

Handheld disinfection

Fixed mount disinfection

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UV equipment

UV lights, lamps & LEDs for a range of inspection, disinfection and curing processes and applications.

UV measurement

UV measurement and assessment of equipment for process control and health & safety

UV health & safety

UV health & safety products, information and training to eliminate the risk of over exposure to UV light in the workplace.

Optimizing your process.
Minimizing the risk.

Our UV light equipment solutions include all that is needed to introduce safe and effective UV light processes in to the workplace.

If you’d like to discuss your requirements with a member of our team, please get in touch and we’ll recommend a total UV light solution for your particular process, including:

  • Appropriate UV light equipment
  • Essential health and safety products
  • Optional spare parts and accessories
  • UV safety training where necessary

UV products by application

UV inspection

UV-A blacklight lamps & LEDs designed to produce bright fluorescent effects.

UV disinfection

UV-C germicidal lamps & systems to kill bacteria and viruses in seconds.

UV curing

UV lamps for rapid curing of adhesives, resins, paints, primers & clear coats.

UV measurement

UV light meters & measurement services for process monitoring & safety.

Hand hygiene

Improve cleanliness, reduce infections & prevent spread of germs.

Spares & accessories

Spare parts & accessories to ensure required UV levels are maintained.

UV safety products

UV PPE, hazard warnings, shielding & guarding materials.

UV safety training

UV light risk management & hazard awareness training courses.

Ex-demo & clearance

Ex-demonstration & clearance lamps, LEDs, bulbs & equipment.

Popular UV products

UV-C Disinfection Trolley

Rapid disinfection of unoccupied rooms

  • Effective from 10 minutes

    Provides a lethal dose of UV light at 254 nm to kill bacteria and viruses in minutes, without chemicals.

  • Robust, glass safe & waterproof

    Constructed from stainless steel. Includes shatterproof tubes.

Titan365 UV LED

Detect cracks in aerospace components

  • High UV-A output at 365 nm

    Designed to produce bright fluorescent effects over the desired inspection area.

  • Waterproof for wash stations

    For use in damp and wet environments.

UVC Germicidal Units

Disinfection of unoccupied rooms & areas

  • Modular design

    Multiple lamps may be required for large rooms or to reduce shadowing.

  • Robust, glass safe & waterproof

    Constructed from aluminium. Includes shatterproof tubes.

UV 400W Hand Lamp

Curing of adhesives, coatings and paints

  • Rapid curing & bonding

    Offers fast and effective curing of UV materials.

  • Choice of UV spectral output

    Different UV bulbs and filters to vary UV wavelength output.

UV Glow Box Kit

Improve hand hygiene

  • Hands-free operation

    Operated by motion-sensor to help promote good hand hygiene.

  • Includes UV glow lotion

    Teach best hand washing technique for improves infection control.

QuickScanUV System

For police custody suites

  • Home Office approved

    Impact and ligature resistant, tamper proof design.

  • Head to foot coverage

    Quick and easy detection of signature sprays and markings.