UV health and safety

Most accidents or ill health from workplace exposure to UV light can be traced back to inadequate or incorrect information provided by suppliers of UV light sources and/or unsuitable or insufficient training for workers, resulting in:

  • Unsuitable UV light source for a process
  • Lack of understanding concerning the relationship between wavelength, health effects and Maximum Exposure Time
  • Lack of awareness, confusion or poor interpretation of Regulations and Exposure Limits
  • Inadequate control measures failing to ensure exposure is as low as reasonably practicable

Our solution is a range of training courses, measurement services and products based on a unique framework and methodology


Measurement and assessment of UV light exposure

We will determine your workers level of UV light exposure and compare with Exposure Limits to help you assess risk and necessary controls.


UV light safety training

Our training courses help companies protect workers and ensure compliance with their legal obligations.

UV safety products

UV blocking spectacles, face shields, plastics and warning signs.