UV inspection solutions

Produce a bright glow for easy detection

Our specialist team are happy to work with you to enhance the effectiveness, efficiency and safety of your process by offering UV light solutions which will optimize your process and minimize the risk.

It is essential to ensure sufficient UV-A light intensity to reveal bright fluorescent effects and beam spread to cover your inspection area, whilst ensuring strict compliance with health and safety regulations.

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Benefits of UV inspection

  • Fast and effective, simple to use
  • Easily integrated into new or existing processes
  • Provides an added level of quality control
  • Instant visualisation of fluorescent effects

UV inspection equipment

UV fluorescent inspection processes and applications

NDT crack detection

UV blacklights for use in conjunction with fluorescent dye penetrants and magnetic particles for highlighting defects in metals and ceramics.

Fluid leak detection

UV fluorescent additive is mixed with a fluid system, e.g. water, oils, fuels, coolants and refrigerants. The equipment is then operated as normal to allow the fluorescent additive to circulate throughout.

Clearcoat validation

UV lamps are commonly used for clearcoat validation on printed circuit boards to ensure even coverage.

NDT crack detection

Most hydrocarbons will naturally fluoresce under UV blacklight illumination and therefore this process is absolutely essential for all oxygen vessel and plant manufacturers.

Citrus fruit inspection

UV inspection lamps are used as part of the quality control process during the processing of citrus fruits. Under our high-performance UV-A blacklights, hidden contamination and bruising will be highlighted.

Hygiene and cleanliness monitoring

UV inspection offers a quick, easy and effective method for improving cleanliness in hospitals, by monitoring the effectiveness of cleaning programme’s and benchmarking.

Conservation examinations

UV blacklights for enabling conservators to reveal evidence of imperfections, restoration and repair to items such as paintings, paper, books and ceramics, which are not easily visible under normal lighting.

Egg inspection

UV lamps are commonly by egg inspectors to detect evidence of washing or wiping. All of our UV inspection lamps have a peak UV light output at 365 nm to provide bright fluorescent effects.

Hand hygiene training

Our UV lamps and glow products are used within the food and healthcare industries to teach best practise handwashing technique, help improve infection control and reduce cross-contamination.

Riboflavin wash cycle validation

UV blacklight inspection lamps are used in conjunction with an aqueous solution of riboflavin for wash sequence coverage validation of containment isolators used for dispensing toxic/active products.

Security markings

A wide range of UV blacklights for detection of SmartWater, SelectaDNA and other signature sprays on detainers in police custody suites during forensic searches and identifying lost property.

Particle detection on parts prior to coating

UV-A blacklights are used to detect particles and contamination on components prior to spraying. This forms part of the quality control check to prevent pinhole defects once the parts have been coated.