Food and packaging

Kill bacteria, viruses and moulds in seconds, without chemicals

UV disinfection (also referred to as sanitation or decontamination) systems, such as conveyors, transfer tunnels and hatches are becoming more popular within the food industry with companies looking for dry, chemical-free ways to reduce bacteria, mould and viruses on food and non-food surfaces. It is fast and effective, environmentally friendly and low maintenance.

An effective UV disinfection can help extend shelf life and improve quality and freshness by reducing levels of contamination.

Disinfection of food surfaces, ingredients and packaging

UV-C germicidal lamps and systems for rapid disinfection of surfaces to help improve quality, freshness and shelf life of products. Used during the transfer of items from low risk to high care or immediately prior to packaging.

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Disinfection of tools and equipment

Rapid disinfection of tools, equipment and utensils to improve hygiene and cleanliness.

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Disinfection of unoccupied rooms and areas

UV-C germicidal lamps for scheduled disinfection of process rooms, storage rooms, cold stores, changing rooms and commercial areas.

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UV inspection applications

Improve hygiene and cleanliness by revealing hidden contamination

UV inspection offers a quick, easy and effective method for improving cleanliness in food manufacturing, by monitoring the effectiveness of cleaning programme’s and benchmarking.

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Improve hand hygiene to reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses

Our UV lamps and glow products are used within the food and healthcare industries to teach best practise handwashing technique, help improve infection control and reduce cross-contamination.

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Improve quality control of eggs by detecting evidence of washing

UV lamps are commonly by egg inspectors to detect evidence of washing or wiping. All of our UV inspection lamps have a peak UV light output at 365 nm to provide bright fluorescent effects.

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Revealing hidden contamination and bruising on citrus fruits

UV inspection lamps are used as part of the quality control process during the processing of citrus fruits. Under our high-performance UV-A blacklights, hidden contamination and bruising will be highlighted.

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Riboflavin wash cycle validation

UV blacklight fluorescent inspection lamps are used in conjunction with an aqueous solution of riboflavin for wash sequence coverage validation of containment isolators used for dispensing toxic/active products.

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