UV lights demonstrate the importance of hand hygiene in burns training

Our hand hygiene training kits are being used all over the world to increase the effectiveness of handwashing and help reduce infections.

Interburns, who aim to transform burn care and prevention in low and middle-income countries (LMICs) have been providing training in Bangladesh to aid with hand washing and infection prevention.

“It is the first time we are using the UV glow box for Interburns training,” says Dominique Navet of the Welsh Centre for Burns and Plastic Surgery. “We are already using a glow box for handwashing training in work (NHS hospital).”

“The reason we chose to include it in our course is that we want to see a change in handwashing. We determine that our student really understand the quote from the World Health Organization.”

“Hand hygiene is the most important measure to avoid the transmission of harmful germs and prevent health care-associated infections.” – World Health Organization

“We know for a fact that even in High-Income Countries the compliance is poor. By using the glow box, we turning it into an exercise rather than a lecture and it is important to keep an element of fun. It has helped us to highlight how badly people wash their hand and they cannot deny it because the light shows it.”

“Despite having to bring water, buckets and jug in, we managed to repeat the exercise twice in order to get everyone to have a go. The UV glow box is practical to use the light very bright and the lotion is very economical to use.”

“The UV glow box is practical to use. The light very bright and the lotion is very economical to use.”

“The results were clear. We tested our student twice, the question of what is the most important action to prevent infection had a poor score on day 1, but was answered well by all the students on day 5. We will use the outcome of the exercise in our recommendations for the hospital concerning access to water for handwashing.”

UV Safety in the Workplace webinar

This interactive webinar runs through the key considerations for assessment and control of UV light exposure at work in accordance with statutory regulations.

By the end of it you should know what actions need to be taken by your organisation to ensure safe use and compliance with your legal obligations.