UV safety information & training

Designed to help employers to meet their legal obligations for the safe use of UV light in the workplace under The Control of Artificial Optical Radiation at Work Regulations 2010. 

These brought into law in Great Britain on 27th April 2010 the European Physical Agents (Artificial Optical Radiation 2006/25/EC) Directive.

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UV Safety Publication [PDF]

A practical guide to risk assessment and control of personal UV light exposure from non-coherent artificial sources in the workplace.

The regulations define the following:

  • Workers must not be exposed above the exposure limit values and should be provided with specific information, instruction and training
  • Statutory UV light exposure limit values (ELVs)
  • Minimum health & safety requirements for the protection of workers from risks arising or likely to arise from artificial UV light exposure
  • Employers must determine personal UV light exposure levels and compare with the exposure limit values as a means of assessing risk and necessary controls

UV risk management training

One day course aimed at health and safety professionals and those responsible for ensuring the safe use of UV light equipment in the workplace.

Who should attend?

Anyone who is responsible for risk assessment and safe use of UV light equipment, welders or plasma cutters in your workplace.

Why should you attend?

Protecting employees in UV light exposure environments is a statutory requirement. UV light Exposure Limit Values (ELVs) for unprotected skin and eyes were brought into law by The Control of Artificial Optical Radiation at Work Regulations 2010.

Some typical examples of UV light exposure scenarios in the workplace are:

  • UVA blacklights for fluorescent inspection
  • UV light curing equipment for adhesives, resins and coatings
  • UVC germicidal lamps for disinfection processes
  • Welding processes
  • Plasma cutting processes

The training course will provide:

  • Information to help you meet your legal obligations for compliance with the UV light personal exposure limits and provision of specific hazard awareness training for employees
  • Template for risk assessment and hazard awareness training
    Action plans – e.g. UV light measurement and assessment surveys, implementation of additional control measures and hazard awareness programmes for employees
  • Peace of mind that your company knows what is required for UV risk assessment and control
  • Confidence and acceptance of your UV light processes by the workforce

UV hazard awareness training

Custom designed integrated training solution to help operators, supervisors and managers to safely use UV light equipment in the workplace. Also essential for all persons exposed to electric arc welding (including MIG and TIG) and plasma cutting.

It will also help employers meet their obligations for the safe use of UV light in the workplace under the Control of Artificial Optical Radiation at Work Regulations 2010.

Usually conducted online and tailored to your specific requirements. Includes course notes. Can be conducted onsite for an additional cost.

Aimed at operators of UV light equipment, supervisors, managers and persons who could be exposed to artificial UV light in the workplace, including welding and plasma cutting.

Topics include:

  • Definition and classification of UV light
  • Potential adverse health effects to unprotected skin and eyes from overexposure to UV light
  • Heightened individual susceptibility
  • Detection of adverse health effects and reporting
  • Entitlement to medical examination/health surveillance where necessary
  • UV light exposure limit values (ELVs) with a comparison to natural sunlight for a perspective
  • Control measures and safe working practices to minimise the risk