UV Irradiance and Exposure Meter


UV light irradiance and exposure meter designed for measuring UV irradiance or UV dose.

  • Choice of three separate, interchangeable sensor heads
    • UVA (365 nm)
    • UVB (312 nm)
    • UVC (254 nm)
  • 1 m connecting cable
  • UV irradiance range 0 – 250 mW/cm2
  • UV dose range 0 – 99,999 mJ/cm2

Please note this meter should not be used for checking occupational UV light exposure, please contact us if you are looking to make health and safety measurements.


What’s included?

  • UV meter
  • Choice of UV sensor head

UV sensors

Sensor head
UV wavelength range
Peak UV response
355 – 375 nm
365 nm
280 – 320 nm
312 nm
254 nm


Connect the sensor head to the UV meter before turning on.

Turn on the UV meter using the on/off button, located on the front panel. The reading at the top of the screen should be 0.000 mW/cm2 and the revenant sensor head connected to the handset will show the peak wavelength response at the bottom of the display.

In this start screen, the UV meter can be used for irradiance (intensity) measurements in real-time. The displayed value will change with the output of the UV source being measured or as the sensor position relative to the UV source changes. This is used for measuring the irradiance of a light source at a given position or it could be used for checking the integrity of a guard system.

The second mode is for dose measurement. This is accessed by pressing the start (start/stop button).

When the start button has been pressed the reading at the top of the screen will be 0000 mW/cm2 in large digits the Eng. : 0.0000 mJ/cm2, Time
Mini 0.000 mW/cm2 and Maxi: 0.000 mW/cm2.

Even when the sensor is not exposed to UV light the time will count up, only when the sensor head is exposed to the appropriate UV source will the other units change. The mJ/cm2 will only count up as it is a function of irradiance (mW/cm2) x time (s).

The mW/cm2 will fluctuate with the sources output or measurement position. This function is used to measure the total amount of UV energy received at a given point, during a given period of time. This is often used to check process equipment such as UV disinfection conveyers.

Press hold at any time and this will “freeze” the display, but the meter will continue to measure the UV and increase the time and mJ/cm2 reading. This function can be used to manually record the reading at a certain time while the UV meter continues to sum the energy, similar to lap time function on a stopwatch.

Should the start/stop be pressed while in this second mode it will revert back to the irradiance measurement function and your data will be lost.


Measurement unit
mW/cm2 or mJ/cm2
16 characters
360 g
235 mm x 95 mm x 55 mm
Operating temperature range
0 – 40oC
Operating humidity
5 – 80 & RH
Power supply
4 x AA batteries
Calibration interval
6 – 12 months depending on usage


Additional information

Choice of Sensor

UV-A (365nm), UV-B (312nm), UV-C (254nm)

UV Safety in the Workplace webinar

This interactive webinar runs through the key considerations for assessment and control of UV light exposure at work in accordance with statutory regulations.

By the end of it you should know what actions need to be taken by your organisation to ensure safe use and compliance with your legal obligations.