UV 400W Mercury (Hg) Bulb


Spare/replacement UV bulb.

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Warning – Risk Group 3 UV emitted from this product

UV light emitted from this bulb is harmful to unprotected skin and eyes.

The UV bulb must only be used in UV Light Technology Limited equipment, which is fitted with an appropriate UV filter glass. It must be fitted by a suitably qualified and trained person, strictly in accordance with the equipment operating manual.

The UV bulb must not be switched on without the appropriate filter glass correctly fitted and intact. Maximum permissible UV light exposure times (MPEs) for unprotected skin and eyes are provided in the equipment operating manual.

Ozone is produced as an incidental by-product during operation. The occupational exposure standard (OES) is provided in the equipment operating manual.

The UV bulb must not be used for any other purpose without first consulting UV Light Technology Limited.

All instructions for use, precautions and warnings in the equipment operating manual must be strictly followed in order to prevent accidents and ill-health.

Avoid touching the UV bulb with bare hands. Fingerprints will burn into the quartz during operation, resulting in reduced performance and service life. Remove any possible fingerprints with an alcowipe. We recommend wearing lint-free nylon gloves from our UV bulb change and mercury spillage kit.

Incorrect handling or fitting of the UV bulb can result in breakage and risk of injury from sharp pieces of glass and mercury vapour. In the event of damage, clean up and remove immediately using our UV bulb change and mercury spillage kit.

Risk of explosion cannot be entirely excluded because the UV bulb operates at overpressure. When handling, we recommend wearing impact-resistant safety spectacles from our UV bulb change and mercury spillage kit.

UV bulb life

Approximately 500 hours depending upon age, environment, switching and cooling.

UV light intensity reduction of ≤ 30% in the wavelength range of 200 – 400 nm after 500 hours. This is based on an initial UV measurement after 20 hours and a cycle of 25 minutes on / 5 minutes off.

All data is based on average values. Due to technical and/or physical reasons, each UV bulb may vary up to +/- 10%.

Disposal of UV bulbs

UV bulbs are considered hazardous and cannot be disposed of in normal industrial waste. They contain a small amount of mercury and users must therefore comply with WEEE Regulations and HSE guidelines on the use and disposal of mercury. A business user of UV bulbs is classified as a producer of waste under the WEEE regulations and is responsible for their safe disposal.

UV Light Technology Limited is a member of the Recolight WEEE compliance scheme and are committed to ensuring UV bulb disposal is as easy, efficient and cost-effective as possible. All our UV bulbs can be recycled simply and at no cost through Recolight – the only specialist WEEE compliance scheme to have a dedicated network of open collection points for business waste UV bulbs.

UV Light Technology Limited are able to offer free disposal of your used UV bulbs from our site in Birmingham, UK. Alternatively, you can drop your used UV bulbs at any of over 200 Recolight open collections points around the UK. Visit www.recolight.co.uk to find your nearest site.

UV Light Technology cannot be held responsible for injury or damage which may result from improper or inappropriate use.

UV Safety in the Workplace webinar

This interactive webinar runs through the key considerations for assessment and control of UV light exposure at work in accordance with statutory regulations.

By the end of it you should know what actions need to be taken by your organisation to ensure safe use and compliance with your legal obligations.