QuickCureUV System

An integrated spray booth solution for safe use of UV curing lamp

  • UV 400W Hand Lamp stored in a cabinet with remote electrical control and pressure monitoring unit mounted outside the spray booth
  • Choice of UV wavelengths
  • Hour counter for scheduled maintenance
  • 230 V or 115 V / 50 Hz

Supplied as an individual item or part of a full solution alongside recommended UV safety products, information and training based on your particular process.




What’s included

  • QuickCureUV System
  • Operating and safety manual

Power supply requirements

  • 230 V (50 Hz)


UV source UV 400W bulb
UV source life span 500 hours
Power 410 W
Construction material Anodised aluminium
Weight 1.6 Kg (lamp head only)
Rating IP 40

Additional information

Bulb & filter combination

Iron (Fe) & Clear UV-A (315-400nm), Iron (Fe) & Clear UV-A+B (280-400nm), Iron (Fe) & Quartz (200-400nm), Mercury (Hg) & Quartz (200-400nm)

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