Fibreglass resin composites

UV lamps are commonly used for drying of fibreglass resin composites.

We have a wide range of UV lamps for curing and bonding applications, your equipment selection criteria should be based on your particular process requirements:

  • UV wavelength (determined by the UV curable material you are working with)
  • Minimum UV irradiance or dose levels (as above)
  • Curing area (exposure should be restricted to the working area)

Our friendly, helpful team have over 50 years experience in helping organisations implement a safe and effective UV light process, so should you wish to discuss you requirements or request a quotation for suitable solution, please call 0121 423 2000 or send us a message.

Popular products for curing of fibreglass resin composites

Risk assessment of UV light exposure in the workplace training course

Providing information to help persons responsible for risk assessment and safe use of UV light equipment in your workplace, peace of mind that you’ve got risk assessment and control covered, along with the confidence and acceptance of your process by the workforce.