UV equipment solutions

Our UV light equipment solutions include all that is needed to introduce safe and effective UV light processes in to the workplace.

If you’d like to discuss your requirements with a member of our team, please get in touch and we’ll recommend a total UV light solution for your particular process, including:

  • Appropriate UV light equipment
  • Essential health and safety products
  • Optional spare parts and accessories
  • UV safety training where necessary

Browse products by application

UV inspection

UV-A blacklight lamps and LEDs designed to produce bright fluorescent effects.​

UV disinfection

UV-C germicidal lamps and systems to kill bacteria and viruses in seconds.

UV light curing

UV lamps for rapid curing of adhesives, resins, paints, primers and clear coats.

Hand hygiene

Improve cleanliness, reduce infections and prevent spread of germs.

UV measurement

UV radiometers to monitor UV light output of equipment for process monitoring.

UV safety

UV health and safety products to help ensure safe use of UV light equpment.