UV light equipment solutions

We manufacture a range of UV light equipment for a broad spectrum of applications.

We are happy to work with you to ensure the safe and effective UV solution, combining performance and safety. We’ll discuss your specific process requirements and provide recommendations for suitable UV light equipment, UV meters, UV safety products and where required, additional services such as a UV risk assessment, information and training.

UV-A inspection

Produce a bright glow for easy detection of cracks, defects, fluid leaks and contamination.

UV-C disinfection

Rapid disinfection of air and surfaces – reduce bacteria, viruses, yeasts and moulds.

UV curing

On-demand curing of adhesives, resins, fibreglass, paints and primers.

UV measurement

UV light meters for monitoring UV irradiance and dose levels to ensure quality control

Hand hygiene training

UV glow products to help teach best practice hand hygiene for improved infection control.

UV safety products

A range of UV blocking products to help prevent over exposure to harmful UV light.

UV risk management training

One day course providing information to help persons responsible for risk assessment and safe use of UV light equipment in your workplace.

Provides peace of mind that you’ve got risk assessment and control covered, along with the confidence and acceptance of your process by the workforce.