Design and build solutions

Where our existing product range does not cater for specific customer applications, we offer a design and build solutions of custom and bespoke UV light equipment.

If you have an idea or requirement for a UV product or process you would like to discuss, please contact us and a member of our sales or technical team will be in touch.

UVC Disinfection Trolley
Disinfection of air and surfaces in unoccupied rooms and areas.
International organization specialising in cleaning and decontamination.
QuickCure UV System
ATEX compliance spray booth solution for curing automotive paints and primers.
International coating company supplying to over 150 countries across the world.
QuickScan UV System
Home office approved UV blacklight for police custody suites.
A leading provider of innovative and intelligence-led security solutions that reduce crime and protect property for customers, giving peace of mind, every day. 
UV LED Curing Block
UV light curing and bonding on an automated production line.
Specialists in the assembly of special purpose automation machines, implementing bespoke automation solutions.
UVC Conveyor
Disinfection of products and packaging being moved from a low risk to high care environment in the food industry.
UK based organisation who design, manufacture, assemble and test a wide range of conveyors and handling equipment.
UV Curing Systems
 Automotive paint curing.
Automotive coating organisation.
UV Exposure Table
 UK distributor of curing products.
Curing Torch (non-UV)
Light curing.
Specialists in Touch-up & Repair Systems.
UVA Inspection Lamp
Detection of cracks and defects.
British manufacturer of MPI and DPI Equipment for NDT.
Submersible UVC Lamp
Disinfection of water.
The world’s leading specialist of industrial and commercial humidification systems.

UV Safety in the Workplace webinar

This interactive webinar runs through the key considerations for assessment and control of UV light exposure at work in accordance with statutory regulations.

By the end of it you should know what actions need to be taken by your organisation to ensure safe use and compliance with your legal obligations.