Cleanliness monitoring

UV inspection offers a quick, easy and effective method for improving cleanliness in hospitals, by monitoring the effectiveness of cleaning programme’s and benchmarking.

Where cleaning is not to the required standard re-cleaning can be instigated immediately.

UV fluorescent inspection is widely used and accepted by forensic scientists. Trace evidence such as blood, urine, semen and saliva is revealed by causing visible fluorescence from these substances.

Cleanliness monitoring gallery

Additional methods are necessary in combination with UV fluorescent inspection, such as ATP bioluminescence and microbiological testing to determine specific spoilage or pathogenic organisms.

High performance UV blacklights are set to become essential equipment for hygiene monitoring, audits and training, helping to achieve and maintain high standards of cleanliness for infection control in hospitals in the fight against MRSA, C.difficile and other hospital acquired infections (HAI). Ultimately this will increase public confidence by showing that hospitals are taking cleanliness very seriously, by going much further than just what can be seen with the naked eye.

Applications include cleanliness validation of floors, furniture, worktops, blood pressure devices, bedding, commodes, toys, keyboards, pens, clipboards, telephones, taps, curtains, chairs and surgical instruments.

Photos of equipment and surfaces in normal lighting and under our high-performance UV-A inspection torches. Click to enlarge.

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